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About Us

Sip 'n' Dip was founded off the back of a night out in 2019. 


Since that night it has been a wild ride, as an emerging brand we endured some of the craziest times to be alive, from the pandemic going into full swing in our second year of trade, to explosive growth as the world opened back up again. From one man band growing to 40 staff and 52 venues, 2 studios, and a host of axillary services we really have learned a lot as we grew over that time. 

Today's Sip 'n' Dip is focused and driven by a passion to be creative and to make art accessible to everyone (not just people with big budgets),  our founder Jaana Brown developed the in-cafe variety class concept with the goal to support local small businesses like us and to create a fun and innovative night out.


Sip n Dip classes are FUN art not FINE art experience designed to get people being more creative more often!.


Our Founder

Meet Jaana, crazy artist, photographer, graphic designer, fly by the seat of her pants, ever excited by new and innovative creative projects.


She also happens to be the owner here in Brisbane North and Suncoast (transitioning in from April 2023) so if you do classes here in Brisbane North Suncoast, it is her you will chat to behind the emails.

Our Venues

We are passionate about supporting small businesses like our own, this was so important in those initial days when we cut our teeth during the pandemic. Our classes became a way to bring people in and support the then-struggling hospitality sector and help people keep their doors open, and to further support those struggling with mental health during a time of immense social and economical pressure.

But our goal is broader than that, whilst we source some things from the international market, generally, 80% of what we purchase for classes weekly are sourced here locally in Australia to support the local economy and local small business operators just like us (this includes the recycled plastics we use in classes!)

Your choice to support our business means you are shopping local, supporting small businesses, keeping people employed, helping local families, to pay school fees and buy groceries and we think that is pretty neat.


Our Contractors

We also love to support small business owners that work in our industry by bringing them in as contractors to provide a platform to deliver their classes across our network! Check out some of the fantastic contractors we have on board in this region below.

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